Recent Spam Emails Using Addresses

Some spammer has started using <randomname> as the "From:" addresses on his spam emails, and they are sending out a ton of spam. These emails are not originating from me, nor from my servers, as can be verified by checking the email headers carefully. They don't even pass through any of my servers. The emails are spoofing as if sent from addresses, but they are not sent by or through

My web hosting company is aware of the situation. They are sympathetic (and I'm not the only one this is happening to), but the headers on these emails often appear to be bogus as well, making tracing them almost impossible. Many appear to originate from Asia Pacific, which if true, is well out of the reach of US laws. :-( But even that might be spoofed.

I am sorry about the situation. There is apparently very little that I or my web hosting company can do to stop it since these emails do not involve any of our servers, and there is no way to stop spammers from using any "From:" address that they choose to.

If I could stop the bastard, I would.